Hair accessories; how to make a cloth bow

  • Prep Time
    10 min
  • Total Time
    10 min

Hair bows are great accessories for little girls -or even for their teddies and dolls! I have seen these in “Build-A-Bear” but there really is no need to buy, when they are so easy to make.

I first decided to make some for the kids’ teddies while stitching matching nightwear for the teddies and my girls and have never bought another bow since.

This is how to make them for very few rupees and in very little time.

You will need 3 pieces of cloth -two measuring about 6cm by 3cm + a long thin piece for the middle measuring about 7-8cm



    How to do it:


    With sharp scissors cut two equal sized rectangular shapes out of the cloth.


    Turn the cloth so the front of the cloth face each other (both are inwards facing). Stitch all around the edges. Leave a small gap of about 1cm in the middle of the longer side. As you can tell, I am not particularly neat when I snitch. But it really doesn’t matter in this case as all the shoddy work will be hidden on the inside afterwards.


    Turn the cloth inside out using the small hole


    Use a pen (with the cap on!) to push out the corners from the inside.


    Squeeze the middle together and tie the long thin cloth piece around the middle.


    Stitch at the back. With a few extra stitches, stitch the middle part onto the bow to keep it in place.


    Tie a hair clip, hairband or rubber band to use it as a hair accessory. Or tie an elastic to the middle to keep it neatly on the ears of a teddy (see picture below). While making this I only had orange elastic string at home. It would obviously be better to use a matching elastic band.


    And voila, it’s done. It's super simple, yet a very pretty hair accessory for all girls and their toys.

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