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The BEST bubble mix

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Make the best bubbles with this easy-to-make best bubble mix. It’s fun for all ages (even if my daughter is looking very worried on the

How to remove RUST stains from your clothes

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If you have a piece of clothing with reddish-brownish stains that won’t come off in the wash, it’s probably rust stains. You can try everything


Fill 35 water balloons in a minute!

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Holi is just around the corner and with it comes lots of water and colour fun. Water balloons are super fun, but also very annoying

Easy Nail Polish Remover

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It almost seems a bit silly to be writing this post, but it IS a really good trick and who cares that the post isn’t

My top 4 tips; How to remove stains

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Grass, sketch pens, mud, ink, rust or tomato sauce… My kids seem to get something on their clothes daily. Which is to be expected of