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The BEST bubble mix for huge bubbles

The BEST bubble mix

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Make the best bubbles with this easy-to-make best bubble mix. It’s fun for all ages (even if my daughter is looking very worried on the

How to remove rust stains without using chemicals

How to remove RUST stains from your clothes

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If you have a piece of clothing with reddish-brownish stains that won’t come off in the wash, it’s probably rust stains. You can try everything


Fill 35 water balloons in a minute!

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Holi is just around the corner and with it comes lots of water and colour fun. Water balloons are super fun, but also very annoying

Easy Nail Polish Remover

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It almost seems a bit silly to be writing this post, but it IS a really good trick and who cares that the post isn’t

My top 4 tips; How to remove stains

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Grass, sketch pens, mud, ink, rust or tomato sauce… My kids seem to get something on their clothes daily. Which is to be expected of