The BEST bubble mix

The BEST bubble mix for huge bubbles
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The BEST bubble mix for huge bubbles

Make the best bubbles with this easy-to-make best bubble mix. It’s fun for all ages (even if my daughter is looking very worried on the picture on top. Haha)

Read on and you never have to buy bubble mix ever again!

How to make the BEST bubble mix

We have been trying for years to make the perfect bubble mix but somehow it never turned out right… Sometimes the bubbles were too weak to form or they popped by themselves! Which isn’t very good, of course. Especially when the best part about bubbles is to chase them and pop them -according to my kids at least! Well, not anymore. We experimented a little during the weekend and came up with this perfect solution. With only 3 easy-to-come-by ingredients!

Scroll down to see the ingredients, measurements and step-by-step guide.

I bought the glycerin from but it is also available at the local pharmacy or store.

The BEST bubble mix for huge bubbles

Make HUGE bubbles with this easy and best bubble mix

This bubble mix is strong enough to make huge bubbles measuring up to 25cm in diameter. We used flower wire to make the big wands. As you can see both on the pictures above and the ones below, the wands are not very pretty. But they get the job done and it’s really fun to make the big bubbles. The bubbles don’t work on every single try, but when they do, they just float away full of rainbow coloured amazing-ness 🙂 Make sure to use a big bowl for the bubble mixture so the wand can easily fit inside. The bowl should ideally be 5cm bigger in diameter than the wand. 

Or make tiny ones… it’s your choice.

You can also make lots of small bubbles with this bubble mix. Use a smaller wand and you will get 5,10 or even 15 bubbles with one go. They are strong, sturdy and beautifully rainbow coloured. They can even land on grass without popping. We made our own wands using  Pipe Cleaners.

Store the leftovers in a closed jar or bottle until next time you or the kids are in the bubble making mood. 🙂 

Update: I have tried to keep the bubble mix in a closed bottle for more than 6 months to see if there would be any changed to the mixture. It stayed completely the same and it worked as beautifully as it did on the day we made it. 

The BEST bubble mix for huge bubbles
The BEST bubble mix for huge bubbles

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Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions.

Hope you and your kids have lots of fun. Don’t forget to tag me @mommademoments_ on instagram if you try out these bubbles 🙂



    The BEST bubble mix for huge bubbles

    Make the bubble mix in a large bowl. Pour the water, liquid soap and glycerine into the bowl and mix gently. And your bubble solution is ready.

    The BEST bubble mix for huge bubbles

    Shape the pipe cleaners or the metal wire into wands of different sizes. The bigger the circle, the bigger the bubble. The fly swatter makes hundreds of tiny bubbles (or so it seems at least) and the big wands make one or two HUGE bubbles. My kids and their friends LOVED those

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