My top 4 tips; How to remove stains on clothes

Grass, sketch pens, mud, ink, rust or tomato sauce… My kids seem to get something on their clothes daily. Which is to be expected of course. But the clothes suffer and sometimes it’s a question of throwing them out or finding a way to clean them… preferably without too many chemicals.

So here are my favourite stain removal tips that will keep your clothes looking like new for years!

Normal stains like food, fat, grass or mud

For normal stains like food, fat, grass or mud (like my pants below after carrying my daughter with muddy shoes), I use VIM LIQUID. I know it might seem silly to most of you, but it really works and no, the yellow colour of the liquid does not leave a mark on the clothes afterwards.

Just make sure you treat the stain before washing it for the first time, and it will be as good as gone!

For dried-in stains, add a few drops of Vim Liquid to the stain and rub a bit. Wash straight away or leave with your other washing.

I usually treat the stains as I see them and then leave the treated piece of clothing in the laundry basket. It’s easier that way. Otherwise I would have to go through every piece in the laundry basket before washing a load, and that’s just not going to happen!

For harder stains (like the mud on white pants) I prefer adding the vim liquid and a bit of water. Then scrub with a clothes-brush a little. Just to help loosen the stain.

Wash with your other clothes and it will become as good as new again.

Rust stains

I used to throw out clothes with rust stains before I found this neat trick. But never again! With just a few ingredients, the clothes is as good as new again. See how to here

Ink stains

Before washing the clothes, soak the ink stain in milk. Yes, you read it correctly. Milk. It seems very very strange but it works. The milk will become blue and the ink will have disappeared from the clothes. You will have to do this trick BEFORE soaking or washing your clothes. Otherwise the stain is much harder to shift and is likely to remain forever.

Sweat stains/smell

Clothes used often during exercise can keep smelling even after washing. This is unfortunately where chemicals are needed, but thankfully it’s not needed very often. Vanish does the job. Mix a little Vanish with hot water and stir. Add to the armpits or wherever needed on the exercise gear and leave for about 10-15min. Wash as normal and the smell will be gone.

Will update with pictures next time I find rust stains or ink stains on the clothes. It’s bound to happen soon.

Hope this little post helped you to keep your clothes for longer. Let me know how you got on an if you have any tricks up your own sleeve that you would like to share.


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