Fill 35 water balloons in a minute!

Holi is just around the corner and with it comes lots of water and colour fun. Water balloons are super fun, but also very annoying to fill up and tie individually. Hats off to the people who invented this easy way to do it. You can literally fill nearly 40 water balloons in a minute or two with this method so there is no need to shy away from a fun water balloon fight.

I usually buy the brand MagicWand on Amazon. Approx. Rs200 for 111 balloons. They do as they are supposed to. I have also been unlucky in the past with brands that don’t fill up properly, come off the stick too early or leak afterwards, so I recommend reading the reviews first before buying a new brand.

These waterballoons are a bit thicker than the old-fashioned ones, so they don’t pop as easily and will hurt if thrown directly on another person. We still have fun playing with them though, just throwing them in front of each other or bursting them by hand.

Remember to pick up all the pieces afterwards so birds and other animals don’t eat the plastic pieces by mistake.




    The packet of magic water balloons usually contains 3 water balloon sticks with pretied rubber bands and a attachment for the garden hose.


    Take one of the Magic Water Balloons Sticks and fill water into the top hole holding it over the bucket. Make sure the water balloons touch the bottom of the bucket so they don’t fall of before they are completely full. You can use the attachment to make it easier to connect it to an outdoor garden tap or garden hose. I have, however, never managed to make it fit perfectly to any of our taps or our hose so I usually do without. It still works even if it is a bit slower (think about 2 minutes to fill instead of one) and it does get a bit more messy in terms of water spraying a little in the process -but who cares when you are gearing up for a water balloon fight anyway?


    When the water balloons are completely full of water, slowly lift up the top bit (still adding water at the same time, otherwise the water from the balloons will just come out again). The balloons will fall off one by one sealing themselves in the process. It really is smart! And just like that, you have a bucket full of water balloons without all the effort. Happy Holi and hope you have lots of (water) fun!

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