Hand Embroidered Pencil Case

Hand Embroidered Pencil Case for Kids
  • Total Time
    2 hours

This Hand Embroidered Pencil Case is the perfect diy project for kids who want to learn how to use a needle and a thread. It is quite fast to make and not too difficult, so it’s a great way to learn the basics of stitching.

Make a Hand Embroidered Pencil Case, the perfect project for beginners.

Learning to do any kind of stitching -whether cross stitching, embroidery or using a sewing machine- takes patience and time. It is therefore a good idea to start with something small where the progress is fast. Starting with a big project, like an embroidered pillow where the progress is slow, could easily be too much. My children are more likely to give up, before they have even started, if they feel it’s getting nowhere. Maybe your child feels the same way?

Hand Embroidered Pencil Case for Kids

Make this hand embroidered pencil case in a day or space it out over a week

This hand embroidered pencil case takes about 2 hours to make. The child will make quick progress which will give them the encouragement to continue and finish the project. My daughter made it over the process of a week, and I then helped her with the finishing touches: ironing on the backing, stitching the sides and the zip.

Hand Embroidered Pencil Case for Kids

We bought this Asian Hobby Crafts Plastic Cross Stitch Kit for Beginners on www.amazon.in. The plastic cross stitch sheets are perfect for a beginner as they are harder than the usual cloth. And they are very durable later as a pencil case too. The pencil case has been in use for 8 months now and it’s still looking great. The thread has been rubbed a bit in places and it has become a bit softer, but all that only adds to it’s charm.

Hand Embroidered Pencil Case for Kids

Ironing on the embroidery backing

When you have finished stitching both sides, iron the backside of the embroidery using embroidery backing like this one. Make sure you put the adhesive side down (it’s got slightly more shiny look) and seal it with a hot iron. The backing will stick to your embroidery so no loose threads unravel. It will also help give the pencil case a bit more support. Read more about this in the steps below. Attention all Patek Philippe lovers seeking value! Snag a fake Patek Philippe watch at an affordable price!

I have also used this backing when making cloth fans for my mother-in-law. It helps to stiffen the fabric, so it’s foldable.

Hand Embroidered Pencil Case for Kids

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Hope you like this project as much as my daughter did. 🙂 See the full step-by-step guide below with all the information and pictures.

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    Hand Embroidered Pencil Case for Kids

    Start by getting all your ingredients ready: the yarn and the cross stitch sheet. We bought a set from Asian Crafts. See the link in the text above.

    Hand Embroidered Pencil Case for Kids

    Stitch any design you would like. To make it easier (and faster) we decided to make patterns like this. You can make it any size and shape. Make sure to fold the fabric in half and make a small mark with a pen, so your child knows when the first side ends and the next starts. That is important when it's folded later.

    Hand Embroidered Pencil Case for Kids

    Stitch both sides of the pencil case. Ours is 20cm length (10 on each side of the finished pencil case) and 23cm wide. If you make your own size, make sure you can fit a pencil easily inside.

    Hand Embroidered Pencil Case for Kids

    Lay out the embroidery backing with the pencil case embroidery on top and draw the outline with a pencil. Cut it out.

    Hand Embroidered Pencil Case for Kids

    Make sure the shiny adhesive side is facing the backside of the embroidery

    Hand Embroidered Pencil Case for Kids

    Iron the backing on. It will take about 10 seconds for the backing to adhere to the embroidery.

    Hand Embroidered Pencil Case for Kids

    Turn it inside out and stitch the two sides.

    Hand Embroidered Pencil Case for Kids

    Finish off the pencil case by stitching on a zip. I did not take any pictures of this as I may have done it the wrong way. I just opened the zip and stitched it on both the sides. It works and my daughter was happy :-)

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