Bead Snowflakes -Easy DIY Christmas Decorations

Hama bead snowflakes MomMadeMoments
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These bead snowflakes are quick to make and a beautiful addition to any DIY Christmas decorations around the house. Hang them on the tree, from a lamp (as seen in the video below) or blue-tag them to the wall or door.

There is no set design for these, which is part of their beauty in my eyes, as they will all be different -just like real snowflakes. You can experiment and add the beads anywhere you’d like. That is especially great news for smaller kids (aged 5 and up) who don’t like to follow a set pattern or a template. Just make sure they are symmetrical and have 6 points. So start with the 6 main lines and build from there.

If you are new to beads, I recommend getting the mixed box of beads from Ikea. It contains around 5-6000 beads, think, and you will have lots to keep the kids happy for a long time. Ikea also sells the bead shapes for around 300rs for 4. They can be reused again and again. Both the beads and the bead shapes are available on

Use the round bead shape, the hexagon or the star for these snowflakes.

If you don’t want to keep searching for the white beads, you can also make them in mixed colours and paint them afterwards. I have done that too. They require 2 coats of paint if you are using acrylic paint or a can of spray paint.

I use the Oddy baking paper for these. It’s thicker than other brands and works beautifully for beads as well as baking. I usually keep the piece I used for beads aside so I can reuse it again next time. Check out my other Christmas bead designs like these beautiful 3D presents with removable lids. My kids absolutely LOVE them.

You can sprinkle some white or silver glitter on the bead snowflakes to make them extra sparkly and beautiful. They also double up as a beautiful homemade Christmas present.

Hama bead snowflakes MomMadeMoments

Here are some of the snowflake designs you could make. But just like real snowflakes, we like to make them as random as possible.



Step 1
Hama bead snowflakes MomMadeMoments

Make all your designs. You can make them anyhow as long as you make them symmetrical. Use the round, hexagonal or star bead shapes.

Step 2

Cover the beads with parchment paper and iron them on medium heat om both sides.

Step 3
Hama bead snowflakes MomMadeMoments2

And your snowflakes are ready. Beautiful and versatile Christmas decorations that can be gifted too. Hope you enjoyed this simple DIY post. Merry Christmas

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