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Hama Beads Perler Time Turner Harry Potter
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It’s a Harry Potter time-turner out of perler beads! It is simply amazing!

We are in the process of planning a Harry Potter Party at the moment, so all our creative projects are of course Harry Potter themed these days. It happens every time we are planning a party and it’s perfect as we always end up with lots of fun decorations which can be used to decorate the girls’ rooms afterwards. See all our Harry Potter DIY decorations here.

Making a Harry Potter time-turner and other HP creations out of perler beads

My daughter made the Hogwarts seal out of perler beads and I needed something smaller and quicker to make (so I could help her too) and I then thought of this time-turner. It doesn’t require that many beads so it’s a quick little perler beads project to take on. And it’s super cute of course! You can use it for decorations around the house or for your Harry Potter Party.

I simply love 3D perler beads projects like this. We made 3D Christmas presents and 3D Christmas tree tea light holder recently too. I am looking forward to adding many more perler beads designs to this page soon.

Hama Beads Perler Time Turner Harry Potter MomMadeMoments

Tips on making this Harry Potter Time-Turner:

  • You need a round pegboard and a hexagon pegboard to make this Time Turner. If you don’t have two hexagons, make the golden hexagon first, iron it and then make the hour glasses.
  • I buy our beads on amazon.in as they are cheapest there. You can buy them in individual colours or you can buy a mixed box. It’s cheaper to buy a mixed box of colours even if it does require one to sift through them to find the right colours. This one from Ikea is quite reasonable priced at Rs 800 for 6000+ beads.
  • The pegboards are available on amazon.in too and can be used again and again.
  • You can also make the time turner in any colour and then paint it with bronze/golden acrylic paint.
  • I have used regular white pearl beads but any silver or gold beads will work too
  • Use parchment/baking paper to iron the beads. I like to iron them on both sides to make the designs stronger.
  • Keep the ironed beads under something heavy -like a cutting board or a book- immediately after ironing. Beads tend to bend a little if left out in the open while cooling.
  • Use string or thin metal craft wire to attach the pieces to each other.

For play or decoration?

This time-turner does turn but it doesn’t spin as fast as the time-turner in the books or films, so it’s more for decorative purposes than for actual play. It is also not super-duper strong so any rough play might break it. That being said, my kids have been walking around with it and turning it for a few days now, and nothing has happened so far.

Hope you have lots of fun with this project. See all our other Harry Potter perler beads creations here. Many more Harry Potter related posts coming soon 😉

See the full step-by-step guide on how to make the perler beads Time-Turner below the ingredients.

Harry Potter Perler Beads Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger

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    Hama Beads Perler Time Turner Harry Potter MomMadeMoments

    Make the 5 designs on the pegboards: one hexagon, 2 circles and 2 hour glasses

    Hama Beads Time Turner Harry Potter MomMadeMoments

    Cover the beads with baking paper and iron on low to medium heat on both sides. This makes them stronger and less likely to break

    Hama Beads Time Turner Harry Potter MomMadeMoments

    Place the ironed beads while still warm under something flat and heavy like a plate, cutting board or book to make them fully flat. Ironed beads tend to bend a little and with this time turner it is important that they are flat and not bent at all

    Hama Beads Time Turner Harry Potter MomMadeMoments

    To attach the pieces to each other, start by inserting the thin metal wire or string through the tip of the hexagon (picture no 1) Put both strings through a round bead (picture no 2) and pull the string/wire through the smaller round circle (picture no 3)

    Hama Beads Time Turner Harry Potter MomMadeMoments

    Do the same on the other side of the hexagon to attach it to the smaller circle and again on the top and bottom to attach the smaller circle to the bigger one. This way all the pieces can move (not as fast as the real time turner of course)

    Hama Beads Time Turner Harry Potter MomMadeMoments

    With fevicol glue, attach the hour glasses in the middle of the hexagon

    Hama Beads Time Turner Harry Potter MomMadeMoments

    Make sure both the hour glasses are placed in the same place with the "sand" in the same direction. Let the glue dry for min 30min.

    Hama Beads TimeTurner Harry Potter MomMadeMoments

    And your Harry Potter time turner is ready. Super cute decoration for a DIY Potter Party or simply to hang in your room. Hope you had fun with this little project. :-)

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