Watermelon Shark

Watermelon shark
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Why not spice up snack time with this fun watermelon shark? I bet the kids will eat a lot more fruit that usual when presented this way.

I first made this watermelon shark for a pirate party a few years ago and filled it with fruit salad. It was a nice addition to the -otherwise quite unhealthy- menu and the kids loved it.

For a party, I recommend making it a day in advance. There is usually enough to do on the day without adding funny watermelon shapes to the to-do-list. Store it in the fridge covered with cling film so it doesn’t go dry or soft. The teeth don’t look quite as scary when they are rubbery and yellowed.

Use a sharp small knife for tracing and cutting the watermelon skin off for the teeth and eyes. Always cut away from the traced line so you get the shape you want.

Use a long watermelon if possible



    Watermelon shark

    Make a cut diagonally to make the base

    Watermelon shark

    Cut a big piece out like this for the mouth. Set aside. You will need it again for the fin later.

    Watermelon shark

    With a sharp knife make a line all around the mouth. Cutting from the line and towards the opening, remove the watermelon skin. This white line will make the shark’s teeth.

    Watermelon shark

    Remove all the red watermelon flesh from the inside and set aside. You can cut it into pieces later

    Watermelon shark

    Cutting diagonally into the white part to make teeth in the mouth

    Watermelon shark

    Using the big piece of watermelon with the green rind (which you cut from the mouth opening in step 2), cut a small triangle and remove all the red flesh

    Watermelon shark

    Attach the fin with a toothpick on the back of the shark. You can make two identical fins fit together to make both sides green. I personally don’t mind that one side is white.

    Watermelon shark

    With a sharp knife trace a circle for eyes. Cut the green part off. Do this for both sides of the head to make two eyes.

    Watermelon shark

    With a black piece of sweets, a piece of felt or a black olive, attach the pupil of the eyes with toothpicks

    Watermelon shark

    Cut all the watermelon pieces into pieces and place the watermelon shark on top. Hope you enjoyed this post. Please let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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