Party Food Ideas

Among Us Cakesicles -how to make them

How to make Among Us Cakesicles

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Cakesicles are such a fun treat and when they are themed, they are even better! These among us cakesicles are cute, fun and easy to

Harry Potter Party Food

Harry Potter Themed Food

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When you are planning your Harry Potter party, Harry Potter themed food is exactly what you need. I will show you how to make a

Harry Potter Cookie Glasses -themed Harry Potter party food

Harry Potter Cookie Glasses

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Harry Potter Cookie Glasses with “real” glass in the frames! Basically Harry Potter’s glasses that you can eat = a super fun addition to any

Cake Pops Golden Snitches Harry Potter Party Food

Golden Snitch Cake Pops

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Harry Potter themed Golden Snitch Cake Pops! The potterhead in me jumping up and down in pure excitement! As mentioned before, I love making party

Unicorn Party food ideas MomMadeMoments

Unicorn Party Food -for a magical party

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What does every Unicorn Party need? Unicorn Party Food, of course! 🙂 We recently had a small unicorn party for my 5-year old daughter. It

Merengue Kisses easy recipe MomMadeMoments

Merengue Kisses

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Merengue kisses are sweet, bite-sized crunchy treats that are a favourite for kids and adults alike. They are the perfect addition to any birthday party

Recipe for Homemade Lollipop DIY Unicorn Party MomMadeMoments

Homemade Lollipops

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The recipe for homemade lollipops is quite simple but there are a few things that’s good to know before you start. Read on to learn

Gingerbread house easy for kids to do Christmas activity Christmas fun MomMadeMoments

Gingerbread House -Xmas Activity for Kids

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We are new to making gingerbread house s in our family. It’s actually a little less than a year ago, that I made it for

Healthy Halloween Snacks MomMadeMoments

8 Healthy No-Bake Halloween Treats

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Spooky-licious and healthy no-bake Halloween treats -just what every party needs! With the exception of the Popcorn Ghosts (which have white chocolate) and the Mummy Cookies (which

scary monster bars for halloween

Green Monster Bars for Halloween

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Green Monster Bars! Easy to make and oh so yummy to eat. They also have the advantage that you can make them a week before