Filled Mini Easter Eggs

Filled Mini Easter Eggs For Easter Egg Hunt
  • Prep Time
    1 hour
  • Total Time
    1 hour 15 min

Make your own Filled Mini Easter eggs this year with your favorite filling and make a little Easter Egg hunt for the family.

Use the Filled Mini Easter Eggs for an Easter Egg Hunt inside or outside

Easter is just around the corner and as so many others we have an Easter egg hunt every year on Easter Sunday. Because we live in Goa where it’s hot and humid -especially around Easter- we usually have the Easter hunt inside. I also, maybe for no good reason, have a fear of scary animals hiding in the bushes in the garden. Yikes! Definitely NOT a place I want my little ones’ hands to search unsupervised. So I hide the colour coded Easter Eggs behind flower pots, on top of -and behind- picture frames, under cushions and where ever I can make them blend in with the surroundings.

We usually colour-code the eggs with foil chocolate wrapping, so all 3 kids only have to search for their own colour chocolate eggs. My kids want it to be as fair and fun as possible and they don’t want it spoiled by one person finding them all. It also makes it easier for me, as I can hide the chocolate eggs for my youngest daughter in more obvious places and the ones for my oldest in really hard to find places.

Make the Filled Mini Easter Eggs yourself this year

I always make the chocolate eggs myself. I do this for 2 reasons:

  1. It’s not easy to find and buy 30 small eggs of good quality without spending a fortune (in Goa)
  2. My kids are not used to eating lots of chocolate in one sitting. And telling them to only eat one egg after they got “their treasure” and saving the rest for another day is quite boring. And so is the other option of fewer eggs in the hunt. So instead I keep the chocolate eggs hollow -with the added bonus of fun surprises inside them all.

I got my silicone mould on but I have also seen them in the local supermarkets. They aren’t too costly (around Rs 200) and can be used for many years.

The best way to temper the chocolate

Use good quality dark chocolate with 60% cocoa solids for better taste and less sugar. If you kids don’t like dark chocolate, then milk chocolate and white chocolate will work just as well. Please note that melted white chocolate is slightly more runny and harder to work with than the dark chocolate, so you may need to swirl it around a bit more to make sure it’s thick enough around the edges.

I usually temper the chocolate in the microwave on the defrost setting. Simply put the chocolate in a microwave safe bowl and heat it for 1-2 min (depending on your microwave). Test it with a spoon. If it’s still hard, then place it back in the microwave and heat for another 30sec-1 min (still on the defrost setting). Mix it well with a spoon. If you have any small lumps in the chocolate, keep mixing them with the spoon until they disappear. While you mix, you will automatically lower the temperature of the chocolate and temper it perfectly.

You can also melt the chocolate over a water bath on the stove. Take a small bowl for the chocolate and place it over a boiling pot of water. The bowl has to sit snugly inside the pot with no risk of any water accidentally splashing into the chocolate (chocolate and water are a big no-no!) This method takes a bit longer but does not have any risks of burning the chocolate. When the chocolate has melted, take the bowl out and mix it with a spoon for a few minutes to lower the temperature and thus tempering the chocolate.

Mini Easter Eggs For Easter Egg Hunt

Make your own surprise fillings

You can fill the mini Easter eggs with anything you like:

  • Caramel (I make my own caramel sauce. See my 3-ingredient recipe here)
  • Grated Coconut (like a bounty bar)
  • Chopped nuts (for snickers, add a little caramel sauce and peanuts)
  • Sprinkles and sugar balls
  • Coloured chocolates (like on this picture above)

Yield: 30 eggs in total (60 halves)



    Start by heating 50g of chocolate in the microwave on defrost setting. You will need a little less than 50g of chocolate for each mould of 15 half eggs. I always melt chocolate like this because it will become perfectly tempered without all the hard work. Melt for about 1min. Give it a stir. Then melt again for 30sec. If any lumps remain try to stir them out without heating anymore. This will decrease the temperature of the chocolate and help temper it properly

    Filled Mini Easter Eggs For Easter Egg Hunt

    Add half a teaspoon of chocolate in each mould

    FilledMini Easter Eggs For Easter Egg Hunt

    With the back of the teaspoon, spread the chocolate up on the sides until the mould is fully coated

    Filled Mini Easter Eggs For Easter Egg Hunt

    Scrape away the excess chocolate on the top part of the mould with a knife and let them set in the fridge for about 10-15 min. Take them out of the silicone mould by pressing down on each egg carefully on the backside of the mould. They will easily pop out. Some might break -don’t be discouraged. It happens to all of us.

    Filled Mini Easter Eggs For Easter Egg Hunt

    Repeat step 1-3. You will need to do it three times more to make 60 half eggs in total if you only have one mould (like me) When you have all your half eggs ready, heat some water in a pot with a flat steel lid (or a plate on top of the pot works too). Some of the halves will have a slight chip or uneven edge. Make the edges smooth by rubbing the half egg on the hot lid for a few seconds. The hot lid is also the tool needed to get the two halves to stick together later.

    Filled Mini Easter Eggs For Easter Egg Hunt

    Fill one half of the chocolate egg with your favourite filling: caramel, nuts, coconut, coloured chocolate or sprinkles.

    Filled Mini Easter Eggs For Easter Egg Hunt

    Seal the eggs with the other half by first rubbing it on the hot lid for 1-2 seconds and then closing the egg.

    Filled Mini Easter Eggs For Easter Egg Hunt

    Wrap each egg in foil wrapping paper and you are ready for a homemade Easter Egg Hunt. Happy Easter

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