DIY Party decorations

Harry Potter Party Decorations Platform 9 3-4 brickwall diy

Harry Potter Party Decorations

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There are many ways to make simple -yet amazing- diy Harry Potter Party Decorations -without breaking the budget! My 3 daughters and I made all

Hama Beads Perler Time Turner Harry Potter

Harry Potter Time-Turner from Perler Beads

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It’s a Harry Potter time-turner out of perler beads! It is simply amazing! We are in the process of planning a Harry Potter Party at

Homemade CandyCanes -make your own with just 5 ingredients, easy and tasty MomMadeMoments

Homemade Candy Canes -a Christmas Treat

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Welcome to my blog. Read on to get the best recipe for homemade candy canes right here with step-by-step instructions and lots of tips. Homemade

5 Halloween decorations for kids spider cookies

5 Easy Halloween Decorations For Kids

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If you haven’t had time or energy to make any decorations for Halloween yet, read on for my five best and easy Halloween decorations for

Scary Halloween Spider Cookies

Spider Cookies for Halloween

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Dare your guests to eat one of these scary-looking spider cookies at your Halloween party. Let’s hope there aren’t any people with arachnophobia invited 🙂

snow white party birthday costume

Snow White Party Decorations and Games

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As usual we did all the decorations ourselves and had lots of fun doing it in the month leading up to the party. The princess

Watermelon shark

Watermelon Shark

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Why not spice up snack time with this fun watermelon shark? I bet the kids will eat a lot more fruit that usual when presented

How to make DIY Tamatoa crab from Moana

DIY Tamatoa Crab from Moana

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We made this DIY Tamatoa Crab for a Moana themed birthday party as a chocolate chip cookie plate -complete with fondant hook, missing leg and

Kakamora Pirates Moana

Moana Party -Decoration and Costume Ideas

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A small article to inspire you to a DIY Moana themed party without expensive decorators or wasted time and energy. Think beach, sun and seashells,

rainbow party ideas -rainbow cupcakes

Rainbow Party Ideas -Food, Decorations & Games

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Plan the perfect rainbow party with this list of rainbow party ideas Get all the rainbow party ideas and FREE downloadable templates for your very