Rainbow Jelly with Gelatine

Rainbow Jelly Homemade Jelly
  • Prep Time
    10min x 6
  • Total Time
    6 hours

Fun, colourful and different, rainbow jelly will surely brighten up any party or dull afternoon 😉

How to make rainbow jelly with gelatine

It is quite easy to make jelly from any soft drink with gelatine. It is, however, crucial to get the right ratio between gelatine and drink so the jelly sets completely without being runny or too hard. Using this method you can make your favorite jelly flavour without any powders or added sugars.

The method in itself is quite easy, but when you want to layer the colours on top of each other, you need each layer to set before adding the next one. That makes rainbow jelly a bit more time consuming to make. Each step takes about 10min plus 45min to 1 hour in the fridge to set. If they are for a rainbow themed birthday party, I recommend making them a day or two in advance (see some of our rainbow party ideas below)

Rainbow party food ideas

Make your own rainbow jelly from scratch

I first tried to make my own jelly when I needed blue “water” for our Moana Party and blue jelly powder wasn’t available in Goa. The only downside to homemade jelly is that it doesn’t last outside the fridge for hours and hours in a hot place like Goa (just like the crown packets you can buy). They will slowly become liquid again. So be sure to serve them straight from the fridge. They will last about an hour or two before they start to go watery again. You can also buy Weikfield Jelly powder which sets at room temperature and doesn’t require refrigeration. Unfortunately they only have the colours yellow, red and orange in the Weikfield range.

See the full step-by-step guide below the ingredients

What flavours and naturals colours to use

I used cranberry juice, orange juice and coloured sprite for these. Ideally, I would have liked a few more flavours in there as the kids love to test each layer and figure out what they are tasting. However, we did these one day without much planning, so we had to use what we had in the house. I would use blueberry crush, tang lime or lemon water to mix up the flavours a bit more.

As seen clearly in the video below the last layer was actually a beautiful purple. When I added the layer, it became dark blue. It still looked great but I would have liked the purple colour to show a bit more.

Yield: You can make 2.4 liters of jelly with this recipe. If they are for a party, you should be able to make approximately 15 smaller glasses of 150ml each (25ml of each colour)

Please note that certain fruits like pineapple, kiwi, guava, papaya and fig prevent gelatinization



    Rainbow Jelly Homemade Jelly

    Keep all your glasses ready for the rainbow jelly. Mix the 30ml water with 10gm of gelatine powder in a ceramic bowl. Leave for a few minutes until the gelatine has absorbed the water.

    Rainbow Jelly Homemade Jelly

    Heat the gelatine in a water bath like shown above. Heat water in a pot and rest the ceramic bowl inside the pot. Make sure the the pot is slightly smaller than the bowl so the bowl can rest on the edges of the pot. The boiling water should not reach the inside of the bowl.

    Rainbow Jelly Homemade Jelly

    When no gelatine lumps remain and the gelatine has melted completely, mix with 400ml cranberry juice. Mix well until the gelatine has been fully incorporated. The juice should be room temperature and not cold.

    Rainbow Jelly Homemade Jelly

    Divide the cranberry juice equally into the glasses.

    Rainbow Jelly Homemade Jelly

    Leave in the fridge to cool down for 45min-1hour until firm.

    Rainbow Jelly Homemade Jelly

    After 45min-1 hour, repeat step 1-5 with orange juice.

    Rainbow Jelly Homemade Jelly

    Repeat step 1-5 again for the green jelly. For the green colour, I added a little blue colour to the orange juice.

    Rainbow Jelly Homemade Jelly

    Repeat step 1-5 with blue jelly. For the blue colour, I added a little blue colour to sprite. I used very very little colour, only a drop or two will do. You could also use blueberry crush or colour lemon/lime tang.

    Rainbow Jelly Homemade Jelly

    I made purple colour by adding a little red and blue colour to the sprite. Be very careful when adding the colour. Just one drop of each is needed. As you can see in the video link above, the colour was purple when I added the colour but next to the light blue colour, it became navy instead. It still looked great though! Have fun making your own rainbow jelly and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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