How to make Among Us Cakesicles

Among Us Cakesicles -how to make them
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Cakesicles are such a fun treat and when they are themed, they are even better! These among us cakesicles are cute, fun and easy to make at home.

Among us cakesicles -such a fun sweet treat!

Imagine your kids’ faces when they see these ones! They will love it, right?

I love making cakesicles and cake pops -themed or otherwise. They are especially great when I have a bit of spare cake from a cake order. I hate any kind of wastage and I don’t want my kids to eat cake every day! Mean mom, right? So cakesicles are a great way to use the spare cake, be a bit creative and have a fun homemade gift for friends and family.

Cakesicles are very versatile and can fit into any theme, colour or design you want. You can keep them plain as well (as shown on the picture below) or decorate them with streaks of chocolate and sprinkles. Follow the detailed steps below the ingredients to make your own Among Us themed cakesicles.

Among Us Cakesicles -how to make them

What you will need to make Among Us Cakesicles:

  • Cakesicle mould. I bought this one on It’s silicone and easy to work with. They usually have space for 4 cakesicles at a time. So if you want to make more than that, you will either need to buy two moulds or make 4 first and then do the 2nd batch when the first one is ready. It takes longer, but it’s definitely doable.
  • Lollipop or ice cream sticks. I used these lollipop sticks. They range from Rs 149 to Rs 299 for a packet of 100. I am not sure what the difference is but I have been quite happy with this product. I also use them for cake pops and merengue lollipops.
  • Cake. Use whatever cake you have handy. I usually make cakesicles on the same day I have cake orders, so I can use the same cake for both. You can also make a quick batch of chocolate muffins or vanilla muffins and use that.
  • Ganache. Just to make it extra yummy, you will need ganache too. Make the chocolate ganache by heating 50ml of cream with 1tbsp of sugar until it nearly reaches boiling point. Turn off the heat and add 100gms dark chocolate to the cream. Stir it until all the lumps are gone and the chocolate has melted completely.

See more about the food colours and fondant needed after the picture

Among Us Cakesicles -how to make them

The colours for the cakesicles:

You will need gel colour or chocolate pigment powder to colour the white chocolate. In this article I am using Magic Gel Colours. They work really well and the correct dark shade is easily achievable with only a drop or two. If you want a really light colour, add a drop of gel colour to a plate and use the tip of a knife to add the colour into the chocolate. This way you can keep mixing and see when the right shade of colour has been achieved.

Among Us Cakesicles -how to make them

Food colours can affect the texture of the chocolate and make it dry and crumbly. This happens every time for normal food colours so don’t ever use those with chocolate. It’s like adding water to chocolate and we all know, that is a big no no! But it can also happen with gel colours if the quantity of chocolate is too little compared to the drops of colours. IF this happens to you, try to reheat the chocolate in the microwave on defrost setting at 30 second intervals to stir out the lumps. You can also add a little more melted chocolate to the mixture.

You will also need black and white food colours to make the grey window. More about this below in the steps.

Among Us Cakesicles -how to make them

How to melt the chocolate perfectly.

You can use a microwave or a bain-marie to melt the chocolate. That is basically a pot of boiling water with a bowl resting on top for slow heating. You can temper the chocolate perfectly with a bain-marie but it takes longer and I usually don’t have the patience for it. 😉 If you choose to melt the chocolate this way, make sure the bowl is slightly bigger than your pot. If even a drop of water goes into the chocolate, it is spoiled and can no longer be used.

How to melt chocolate in a microwave

To melt 200 grams of chocolate in the microwave, simply place 175 grams of white chocolate in a ceramic bowl and heat on defrost setting for 1-2min. Check on it and stir with a spoon. If it’s still hard, heat again for 30 seconds. When it’s nearly melted, take it out and stir until smooth. To temper the chocolate, add the remaining 25 grams of white chocolate and stir it all until all the lumps are gone. Tempering of the chocolate means that the chocolate will become firm again after melting -something that is very important if you plan to leave the chocolate at room temperature.

Among Us Cakesicles -how to make them

The fondant

The easiest way to make the legs and window is to use coloured fondant or sugar paste. I usually use the Vizyon Sugar Paste or Confect Sugar Paste. Both taste good and they come in many beutiful colours. You can also colour the fondant with the gel colours. Make sure you wear gloves or knead it together inside a bag so you don’t get the colour on your hands. See more about this below in the steps.

Yield: Makes 6 cakesicles



    Among Us Cakesicles -how to make them

    Melt the chocolate as explained above and divide the melted chocolate into separate smaller bowls. Add the colours.

    Among Us Cakesicles -how to make them

    Add the chocolate into the moulds. Make sure to get it up the sides and all over the mould. Scrape excess chocolate off the mould

    Among Us Cakesicles -how to make them

    Put in the lollipop sticks and let the chocolate harden for 10 min in the fridge. Use a clothes clip to keep the stick in place.

    Among Us Cakesicles -how to make them

    For some of the chocolates -especially the white one- you will need to add an extra layer of chocolate around the border to make it stronger and less likely to break when removed from the mould. Let the chocolate set in the fridge for 10 min.

    Among Us Cakesicles -how to make them

    Add the ganache to the cake and mix it well

    Among Us Cakesicles -how to make them

    Put the cake into the mould. Make sure to leave a little space on top for the chocolate. Put it back into the fridge to set.

    Among Us Cakesicles -how to make them

    Add coloured white chocolate on top and pop them back into the fridge

    Among Us Cakesicles -how to make them

    Remove them from the mould and your cakesicles are ready

    Among Us Cakesicles -how to make them

    Add a white window to each of the cakesicles

    Among Us Cakesicles -how to make them

    Mixing the white and black gel colours together, make a dark grey for the first part of the window

    Among Us Cakesicles -how to make them

    Add a little more white to the paint and paint the second line of lighter grey

    Among Us Cakesicles -how to make them

    Make two feet and piece for the side (the backpack?) out of coloured fondant and attach it with a little water. Leave cutlery under them while they dry so they stay in place.

    Among Us Cakesicles -how to make them

    And your among us cakesicles are ready! Yum yum.

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