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rainbow party ideas -rainbow cupcakes

Plan the perfect rainbow party with this list of rainbow party ideas 

Get all the rainbow party ideas and FREE downloadable templates for your very own rainbow party; rainbow themed food, decorations that you can make at home and homemade rainbow inspired clothes.

When my daughter was 5, she had a rainbow-phase where all her drawings were rainbow coloured -even hearts, houses and flowers. They were ever so pretty! So it was no surprise when she chose rainbows as the theme for her 5th birthday party. We did the decorations together and I scanned and used her own drawings for most of the printed decorations.

Here are some of my greatest tips to make it a fun and entirely homemade party.

Rainbow Party Wear

  • We made this rainbow-coloured tutu without any stitching or sewing. The girls have loved to use it afterwards too for dress-up and even birthday parties.
  • Rainbow jewelry made by my 5 year old for us both -a rainbow pendant for her and rainbow ear rings for myself. Read more about how to have a fun-filled activity with shrinking plastic here.
  • Rainbow hair clip made from glitter foam. Details on how to make the skirt and clip will come soon.

Rainbow Invitation

Simple invitation made from my daughter’s drawings. Simply scan your child’s drawing, edit and print.

Rainbow Party Ideas: Food

  • Rainbow coloured jelly (make one colour and have it set completely before adding the next colour). See how to make homemade rainbow jelly here.
  • My pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Unfortunately I can’t find a better picture (am sure I took it) but I made the handles with a hot glue gun and painted them black on top of an old rubber vase. The “gold” is sweets and chocolates wrapped in gold foil.
  • Rainbow coloured stickers for 200ml water bottles (you can see them in the background behind the jellies)
  • Red velvet mini cupcakes with white icing with rainbow cut outs.
  • Rainbow coloured fruit plate. Find more inspiration regarding this in my Unicorn Party Food post.
  • Lollipops with colourful swirls (from Amazon.in. You can also make your own with this recipe)
  • Chocolate bars wrapped in rainbow coloured ribbon. The chocolate bars were the prizes for the games.
  • And of course a rainbow cake with the customary pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

Rainbow Decorations

  • I made copies of my daughter’s rainbow paintings on 250gsm paper and glued the printouts on wooden sticks -and voila! We had decorations for the flower pots. You can also use rainbow pictures from the internet.
  • For the table cloths -and to have something really colourful that “screamed” RAINBOW- I got the cheapest cloth available in the market and stitched the 6 colours together, making it a colourful rainbow-tablecloth.
  • A rainbow coloured birthday banner made it complete. Download your free rainbow coloured birthday banner here

Rainbow party activities for the kids

  • Pin the tail on Rainbow Dash. Download your own pin the tale poster here for FREE. For the tail we used blue tag and coloured streamers.
  • Since it was a party for a 5 year old with a passion for drawing, I had bought a roll of paper which was spread out on the floor and made rainbow colouring pages for the kids. Download your rainbow themed colouring pages for FREE here
  • We also had a Rainbow coloured “string that bead” relay race. You will need bowls, string and (depending on their age) big/small beads. I taped the ends of the string tightly to make sure it didn’t tear and to make it easier for the kids to string the beads fast. How to play: We divided the kids into four groups and placed the four bowls about 15 meters away from each team. The first kids in each team then had to go to the bowl, string one bead as quickly as possible and then run back to the team. Once the first teammate reached back, the 2nd person runs to the bowl. The team to string all the beads first, wins. Simple but very fun.  

Hope you have found some inspiration for your own rainbow themed party.

Wish you lots of fun with the preparations as well as with your party.

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