DIY Glass Painted Candle -Perfect for Diwali

Painted Glass Diya DIY for kids for Diwali DIY
  • Prep Time
  • Total Time
    1-2 days to dry in total

It’s nearly Diwali and time for lots of DIY lights and fun colourful crafts. We love it!

Why not get this year’s Diwali started with some beautiful homemade Diwali candles? Kids can do them by themselves or you can get creative and make one too. 

I have used old jam jars (with the label cleaned off) but a small drinking glass or an old glass tealight holder will work too. The glass paints used here are from Camel and you can’t really go wrong with an entire set of 6 colours and glass liner for just Rs 80 (!!!), which you can use time and time again. 

The candle wicks and candle granules are both from Itsy Bitsy but both are of course also available on

You can also choose to add a scent to the candle granules. If you want to add a scent, mix the granules in a separate mixing bowl first. I recommend using an old take away container or similar disposable box for the mixing as the scent can be a bit hard to wash off afterwards. Be careful to only add a little -especially if kids are doing it alone. The candle’s smell should not be too overpowering.

If you are making these with smaller kids, you may need to help with the glass liner. My youngest daughter (aged 4) drew her flowers on the paper herself and I then helped her draw them onto the glass. She coloured them herself afterwards with the glass paints and also added the candle granules by herself.

It can be a bit tricky to do the glass liner on the curved glass surface and it’s easy to make blobs and mistakes, but don’t worry! Once the candle is lit, no-one will notice the mistakes and I promise you, that the kids will enjoy seeing their beautiful candles around the house. 

Happy Crafting!



    Painted Glass Diya DIY for kids for Diwali DIY

    Start by getting all the ingredients ready. You will not need the candle granules or the candle wicks just yet though

    Painted Glass Diya DIY for kids for Diwali DIY

    Draw your design on a piece of paper that fits snugly into the glass jar. Put it into the jar and copy the image onto the glass with the black glass liner. Be careful when you turn the glass (to do the other side) to not smudge it. If you should make a mistake or touch it, just use a wet cotton stick or a damp tissue to wipe it off again. Make sure all the shapes and designs are closed completely without any holes or openings so the glass paint won't leak/bleed later. Leave the glass liner to dry for approximately 12 hours.

    Painted Glass Diya DIY for kids for Diwali DIY

    When the glass liner is fully dry, add the glass paint. If you have made designs all the way around, you will have to do one side at a time and leave the glass paint to semi-dry in between so it doesn't run when you turn the jar. It will take about 30 min to semi-dry. When the jar is fully painted, leave it to dry for min 2-4 hours.

    Painted Glass Diya DIY for kids for Diwali DIY

    When the glass paint has dried, it's time to make it into a candle. Do this the easy way by adding a little wax from a candle or tealight into the bottom of the jar. Fix the candle wick onto the hot wax to keep in it place. Use a knife or scissor to press it down.

    Painted Glass Diya DIY for kids for Diwali DIY

    Pour the candle granules on top and cut the candle wick to fit. My kids love to mix the different colours of candle granules to make them more colourful and fun. And why not? It's their project

    Painted Glass Diya DIY for kids for Diwali DIY

    And they are done. Cute and very unique candle -perfect for the cold winter months, as a present or for festivals. Happy Diwali!

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