Tips to Decorate Candles

It is an easy and fun activity for a child to do and the result is both useful and decorative- two of my favourite pointers when doing crafts. My 4 year old made these for my mum for Christmas. You can obviously do any design you want, but because my mum likes black and white in her interior designs, my daughter decided to keep to these colours.

Before we started, I was looking around on the internet in search of inspiration and “the greatest tips” but in vain. I couldn’t find a single blog or creativity site where it was made simple. So here it is. Kids CAN do it, I promise!

A few notes before start:

  1. Wipe down the candle to remove excess dirt or oils.
  2. Mix a few drops of liquid hand soap into the paint to make it stick to the candle better. (It’s not easily seen on the photo below but there is a little soap in there)
  3. I recommend using a sponge for the paint as brushes will create an uneven finish. Use a brush only if you plan on writing or painting something small/particular.



    Okay let’s get to it.


    If you want to change the main colour of the candle, start by painting the entire candle with a sponge.


    Put the tape on in the pattern you want. Or just anyhow -as we did with the black/silver candle. I did not have any painters tape at home, so we just used normal tape. It worked just as well (only downside: it’s a little harder to see it on the photo)


    Dab the paint on with the sponge.


    Remove the tape. Repeat step 2 and 3 as needed


    Set to dry for a few hours and your homemade present is ready. And the candle is done. Hope you enjoyed this “make it easy” candle painting post. Please let me know how you go on with it and don’t forget to share your picture of your or your child’s creations.

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