Make Your Own Muesli

Homemade Muesli breakfast cereal.
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    10 min
  • Total Time
    30 min
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Muesli is such a healthy and tasty breakfast cereal, but the ones you can buy in the store usually have too much sugar or just taste stale and sort of dusty! Not great, I am sure you will agree.

I came up with this recipe for my own homemade muesli a few years ago and it has become a staple in our home ever since -both for my breakfast with yoghurt and fresh cut fruits or as a quick snack for the kids.

It’s easy to make and takes about half an hour including the time needed in the oven.

Some of the ingredients are not always available in the shops, so I get the honey, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds from the True Elements brand on They are consistently good quality and not too costly either.

If you want a totally sugar free muesli, you can leave the sugar out. I must admit that it tastes better with it… and it’s about 1 tsp of sugar per portion which isn’t a lot. I suggest added raisins for the sugary flavor if you want to omit the sugar totally.

Note: I make this muesli in the oven but you can also do it on a regular hot pan/tawa. Just like toasting coconut for a curry. Do a little at a time for better results.

You can change the recipe according to your mood and taste buds. Add other grains like rye flakes to the mix for more fiber and/or raisins, chopped apricots or chocolate chips after baking. It’s totally up to you.

Yield: Makes about 10-15 portions.



Preheat the oven to 175 degrees Celsius

Step 1

In a bowl, mix all the dry ingredients together with a spoon: the oats, seeds, nuts and sugar.

Step 2
Homemade Muesli -easy delicious breakfast

Add the honey and butter and mix well

Step 3
Homemade Muesli -easy delicious breakfast

Spread it out evenly on a baking sheet on your oven tray. Don’t press it down.

Step 4

When the oven is hot, place it in the middle of the oven for about 14-16min. The sides will get darker quicker so keep an eye on them. They should not burn.

Step 5

After about 14-16min, the muesli will get a bit dark around the edges but will still be pale and uncooked in the middle and underneath.

Step 6
Homemade Muesli -easy delicious breakfast

Take it out of the oven and mix it up a bit. Use a spatula or the baking sheet itself to turn it over.

Step 7
Homemade Muesli -easy delicious breakfast

Place it back into the oven and continue baking for about 5-7min until it’s fully toasted. Repeat step 5 and 6 if needed.

Step 8
Homemade Muesli -easy delicious breakfast

Let it cool fully before storing it in an airtight container. I always use the oval containers from Tupperware for my crackers and muesli. They help keep it fresh for longer. You can keep the muesli for about 4 weeks. No need for refrigeration.

Step 9
Homemade Muesli -easy delicious breakfast

Add milk, yoghurt or fruit to a bowl and pour the muesli on top for a healthy breakfast or a quick snack. Enjoy!

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