Party Activities For Kids

Harry Potter Party Game Ideas

Harry Potter Party Games

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We planned the Harry Potter Party Games as lessons at Hogwarts. It fits right into the Harry Potter theme and was ever so much fun

Cookie Painting with kids

Cookie Painting with Kids

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I LOVE a creative activity, like this cookie painting activity, that we can have tons of fun with -and then eat afterwards. We spent a

Unicorn Party Games and decorations

Unicorn Games and Decorations

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We recently had a Unicorn birthday party which included lots of DIY Unicorn Games and Decorations. To make it easier for your to plan your

The BEST bubble mix for huge bubbles

The BEST bubble mix

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Make the best bubbles with this easy-to-make best bubble mix. It’s fun for all ages (even if my daughter is looking very worried on the

Moana Party Games Make your own necklace kit

Moana Party -fun activities for kids!

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What is a party without games, right? Kids expect them and it’s always better to be prepared. I always try to change the games a

Kakamora Pirates Moana

Moana Party -Decoration and Costume Ideas

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A small article to inspire you to a DIY Moana themed party without expensive decorators or wasted time and energy. Think beach, sun and seashells,

rainbow party ideas -rainbow cupcakes

Rainbow Party Ideas -Food, Decorations & Games

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Plan the perfect rainbow party with this list of rainbow party ideas Get all the rainbow party ideas and FREE downloadable templates for your very

How to make a flower shaped pinata

Make a flower shaped pinata

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Most kids love piñatas -so naturally mine do too. We were having a flower themed birthday party so we decided to make a flower shaped