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Hand Embroidered Pencil Case for Kids

Hand Embroidered Pencil Case

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This Hand Embroidered Pencil Case is the perfect diy project for kids who want to learn how to use a needle and a thread. It

Marbled Easter Eggs for kids

Easy Marbled Easter Eggs for Kids

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We have been doing Marbled Easter Eggs every Easter since the kids were small. It’s a great, no-fuss activity that kids of all ages can

Best out of waste pencil holder

Best Out of Waste Animal Pencil Holder

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A Best Out of Waste Animal Pencil Holder. Not only cute to look at and fun to make, but also useful afterwards. How cool is

Perler Beads Present with removable lid Christmas decor diy Hama Perler MomMadeMoments

3D Perler Beads Present -with removable lid

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We love perler beads in our house! They are so fun to make for us all -whether 4, 8,11 or… “much older” years old 😉

Easy Best Out Of Waste Castle MomMadeMoments

Best Out Of Waste Castle

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Best out of waste projects -like this best out of waste castle- are a favourite in our house as they are fun and creative to