Homemade presents


Shell & Sand Frame (best out of waste)

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These best out of waste shell and sand frames are beautiful, decorative and original. And kids can do them all by themselves! I have tried

DIY Jewelry using Shrinking Plastic

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Make beautiful DIY Jewelry using shrinking plastic. I have shared how to use the shrinking plastic sheets here and in this post I will give

How to use Shrinking Plastic –a fun activity

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Learn how to use shrinking plastic -it’s a fun craft activity for EVERYONE! Smaller kids, teenagers and adults can have fun with this. How to

Tips to Decorate Candles

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It is an easy and fun activity for a child to do and the result is both useful and decorative- two of my favourite pointers

Diy Cement Tea Light Holder

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Tealight holder made from a balloon, white cement and acrylic paint. Really easy and quick to make, really pretty and unique = the perfect present