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8 Healthy No-Bake Halloween Treats

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Spooky-licious and healthy no-bake Halloween treats -just what every party needs! With the exception of the Popcorn Ghosts (which have white chocolate) and the Mummy Cookies (which

scary monster bars for halloween

Green Monster Bars for Halloween

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Green Monster Bars! Easy to make and oh so yummy to eat. They also have the advantage that you can make them a week before

Scary Halloween Spider Cookies

Spider Cookies for Halloween

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Dare your guests to eat one of these scary-looking spider cookies at your Halloween party. Let’s hope there aren’t any people with arachnophobia invited 🙂

Severed Finger Biscuits Halloween Cookies -spider cookies

Severed Finger Biscuits -Perfect for Halloween

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Make scary blood-red severed finger biscuits for this years Halloween feast. So creepy -yet so delicious. Severed Finger Biscuits -the perfect (ly creepy) Halloween snack! Halloween