DIY for children

How to make a homemade Kaleidoscope MomMadeMoments

Make a Homemade Kaleidoscope

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Learn how to make a homemade kaleidoscope from best out of waste materials at home with your children! It’s amazingly easy to make this favored

Best Out of Waste Jute Basket

Best out of waste Basket

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My daughter made this best out of waste basket for a recent school project. She used a cardboard box, jute string, glue and some leftover

Eggshell Art for kids MomMadeMoments Creativity

Eggshell Mosaic Art for Kids

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Eggshell Mosaic Art is a fun creative activity for everyone -no matter the age. Small kids, teenagers and adults alike can have fun with this

5 Halloween decorations for kids spider cookies

5 Easy Halloween Decorations For Kids

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If you haven’t had time or energy to make any decorations for Halloween yet, read on for my five best and easy Halloween decorations for

Spider Web and Spiders made from string easy Halloween decorations3

Spider Web & Spider Craft

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Made from string and nothing else… or almost 😉 I love how easy and cheap it is to make a homemade spider web with creepy

DIY Animal Bookmarks Ice Cream Stick Craft Bookmark Easy Craft for kids

DIY Animal Bookmarks

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Make these cute DIY Animal Bookmarks from recycled ice cream sticks and leftover glitter foam and felt pieces. It’s a quick craft activity that kids

Best out of waste Barbie doll princess throne

Barbie Doll Throne (best-out-of-waste)

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I love a good best out of waste project so when my 4-year old asked if we could make Barbie doll thrones, I immediately said

DIY for kids -making a lego table for storing toys

DIY for kids: Lego Table

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This DIY for kids: Lego Table is a great way to get the kids interested in using tools and making things by themselves. My kids (aged

Tea Light Holder White Cement DIY for kids

Diy Cement Tea Light Holder

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Tealight holder made from a balloon, white cement and acrylic paint. Really easy and quick to make, really pretty and unique = the perfect present