Oatmeal, Nut & Chocolate Cookies Neiman Marcus

Oatmeal, Nut & Chocolate Cookies (Neiman Marcus)

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The BEST chocolate cookies you have ever tasted, guarateed! They are crunchy, sweet and filled with chocolaty goodness. These are my go-to cookies for birthday

scary monster bars for halloween

Green Monster Bars for Halloween

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Green Monster Bars! Easy to make and oh so yummy to eat. They also have the advantage that you can make them a week before

Vegan Double Chocolate Cookies Recipe
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Vegan Double Chocolate Cookies

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Whether you are vegan or not, these double chocolate vegan cookies are amazingly tasty -and healthy too as they contain no butter, egg, oil or

Banana and chocolate muffins

Chocolate & Banana Muffins (eggless)

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Quick, easy, light and delicious equals one of my all-time favourite recipes! Plus there is no mixer required -just a bowl, a fork and a