The BEST Vanilla Cupcake Recipe

The best Vanilla Cupcake Recipe
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I have been wanting to share this vanilla cupcake recipe for sooo long and am so happy I finally got down to it. Some people may think that vanilla cupcakes are so basic, that they won’t even bother with it. But sometimes the basics ARE the best and these are neither boring or dry. They are wonderfully moist, soft and absolutely scrumdiddlyumptious -as a certain friendly giant would have said. Am sure you can guess what story, I am currently reading for the kids 🙂

The best Vanilla Cupcake Recipe

The best Vanilla Cupcake Recipe for all occasions

I am usually quite the chocoholic but I WILL make an exception for these yummy vanilla cupcakes. And for a slightly themed-party obsessed person like me, they are also very versatile and can easily fit into any theme. You can also add chocolate buttercream (if you want to make them more chocolaty) or make a hole and add fruit compote or jam inside. You can decorate with coloured buttercream for themed parties or make the batter itself rainbow coloured. The options are literally endless.

I also use this recipe for the Harry Potter sorting cupcakes, and they are absolutely perfect for it (post coming soon -promise). If you are planning a Harry Potter themed party, you can get lots of inspiration here.

The best Vanilla Cupcake Recipe

Choose the best ingredients to make the best cupcakes

This is true for all recipes of course. Better ingredients equals a much better end product. But when the recipe and flavours are simpler, it’s even more important to use the best ingredients as there is nothing “to hide” behind.

The vanilla essence. You can get lots of different brands of artificial vanilla flavorings in the supermarkets. Some are -as always- better than others. I personally prefer the Bush Vanilla Essence. If you buy other brands, I recommend so give it a quick whiff before you add it to your batter. It should smell sweet with a hint of vanilla (and no rose or strong flower smell!) You can also make your own vanilla sugar with fresh vanilla pods. It stays fresh for a long time and you will not have to use artificial vanilla flavorings ever again! See this link how to make your own in 5 minutes at home.

Baking and soda powders. I always use the Weikfield brand. They do the job as they should and never leave a bitter aftertaste (like some other brands do). The baking soda can sometimes form lumps. Don’t worry about this, just make sure to crush any such lumps with the back of a teaspoon before you add them to the batter. Otherwise the baking soda will not work as intended and instead leave a salty, bitter taste if you should bite into one of these lumps.

Butter. I always use the regular salted Amul brand. It works well for me. If you prefer to bake with an unsalted butter variety, then add another 1/4 tsp of salt to the recipe.

The best Vanilla Cupcake Recipe
Harry Potter themed vanilla cupcakes with chocolate buttercream (and chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream)


Freeze or refrigerate?

You can make these cupcakes a day in advance and refrigerate them in an airtight tupperware. Make sure the lid is tight so they don’t go dry. You can also freeze them for up to 3 months. Some of the flavour will go if you freeze them for longer. Defrost them at room temperature for a few hours before icing them. See my easy buttercream recipe here

YIELD: 20 cupcakes



    The best Vanilla Cupcake Recipe

    Start by getting all your ingredients ready.

    The best Vanilla Cupcake Recipe

    Mix the flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt together in a bowl. Set this bowl aside for now.

    The best Vanilla Cupcake Recipe

    Add the butter and caster sugar to another bowl. Using either a stand mixer, hand mixer or good old-fashioned elbow grease, cream these two together until they reach a uniform pale yellow colour.

    The best Vanilla Cupcake Recipe

    Add the eggs to the sugar and butter mixture.

    The best Vanilla Cupcake Recipe

    Add the vanilla essence and mix well until the eggs and vanilla have been fully incorporated.

    The best Vanilla Cupcake Recipe

    Gently add the flour and mix on the lowest setting until it has been combined (as shown here on the picture)

    The best Vanilla Cupcake Recipe

    Add all the plain yoghurt and mix again.

    The best Vanilla Cupcake Recipe

    Line a muffin tray or silicone cupcake moulds with cupcake liners

    The best Vanilla Cupcake Recipe

    Add a tablespoon of the mixture to each one. Make sure to only fill the cupcake 3/4 so there is room to rise while baking. Bake them in the middle of the oven at 180 degrees Celsius for 15-17min or until you can insert a skewer in the middle and it comes out clean.

    The best Vanilla Cupcake Recipe

    And the cupcakes are done. Cool them down fully before icing them (I have given the link for the best butter icing in the text above). You can freeze them for up to 3 months in an airtight bag of good quality Tupperware. Defrost at room temperature for a few hours before icing.

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