Snow White Party Decorations and Games

snow white party birthday costume

As usual we did all the decorations ourselves and had lots of fun doing it in the month leading up to the party. The princess crown I am wearing here is made from lace stiffened with fabric stiffener. The kids all got one to decorate and take home (more about that later in this article) My daughter’s outfit is sadly not homemade (I wish!) but from the Disney Store in England.

I don’t have any pictures of it, but we added lots of yellow, blue and red balloons everywhere too. I had also bought some Snow White stickers from which we put on the living room walls for the day. They were easy to peel off and re-stick on the walls in my daughter’s bedroom after the party, so they didn’t go to waste.

Scroll down to see all our Snow White decorations and fun Snow White party activities with lots of FREE downloadable templates to make your own Snow White party easier.

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Snow White Invitation & Return Presents

snow white party birthday invitation snowwhite mommademoments


We printed this party invitation with a paper flap glued on to hide the invitation details. Download your own Snow White Invitation here. This pdf file is of course without the writing so you can customize it for your own party.

snow white party birthday return present

Return Present

Return bags with a Snow White sticker and a mirror quoting “Mirror, mirror on the wall. Thank you for coming and making it the best birthday party of them all”

Download your own pdf sticker here: Snow White Thank You Sticker Template

snow white party birthday return present

Each return bag contained Snow White stickers and sweets. The kids also got to take home the princess crowns, the mirror that they had decorated and the bangles. Download your own sticker here: Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs


snow white happy birthday banner FREE template

Birthday Banner

And of course a birthday banner! Download your own printable Snow White birthday banner for FREE.

Snow White Party Decorations Snow White diy casket

The Sleeping Princess

Snow White in her glass coffin after having eaten the poisoned apple was part of the decorations. An old Ferrero Rocher chocolate box with a small doll dressed up as Snow White. We used the flowers from itsy bitsy and printed the small sticker saying snow white to fit around the box. The sleeping princess is lying on a mattress made from thermocol.

Snow White Party Decorations Snow White Dress Tablecloth

Snow White Tablecloth

We didn’t make lots of decorations for this party, instead we dressed up the dining table in a “Snow White costume” of a sort. We stitched the blue and red parts together for the table top and I then used a glue gun to glue on the yellow skirt. It was the easiest option and it worked brilliantly for the entire party. We added a few red apples to the top and the look was complete.

Download your own red apples template here.

Snow White Party Activities

Snow White Party Activities Mirror Mirrow on the wall

Be a princess for a day!

All the kids could go start with this activity as they arrived at the party. It helped get the kids comfortable -especially the school friends who had come to our house for the first time.

We had made mirror saying “Mirror, mirror on the wall. You are the fairest of them all” and had placed a small table filled with bangles and princess crowns ready to be decorated with stickers and sequins.

Snow White Party Activities Beads and Jewelry

Make your own necklace kit.

The kids could also go ahead and make their own necklaces or bracelets. Lots of hours of fun with a treasure chest filled with beads and elastic string.

Snow White Party Activities Decorate Mirrors

Mirror Decoration Activity

As a joined activity, all the kids got a small handheld mirror each that they then decorated with craft jewels/kundans. I bought the mirrors for very little at the local market.

I kept a big craft mat underneath so it was easy to gather all the stay jewels up afterwards. The kids took their beautiful creations home with them afterwards. Unfortunately I was busy coordinating the activity and didn’t manage to snap a picture of their beautiful creations. All so very different and all very pretty. Needless to say it was a major hit for all the kids.

Snow White Pin The Apple Game

Pin the apple on Snow White

Snow White adaption of the famous party game “pin the donkey’s tail on the donkey”.

Simply print out Snow White using this template Snow White Pin the Apple, blindfold the child and spin him/her around 2-3 times before asking them to pin the apple correctly. Use blue tag to pin the apple. And remember, no peeking!

The template is of course without the no 4 in the corner so it’s ready to print and use. 

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