Severed Finger Biscuits -Perfect for Halloween

Severed Finger Biscuits Halloween Cookies
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Halloween is just around the corner and usually we would not be celebrating much… But this year when the kids are home -and have been home for so long without any news when they might be able to return to school safely-, we decided to join the masses and make a scary Halloween Party. Of course, not with more than a few invitees but thankfully that doesn’t seem to worry the kids. They are just thrilled that we can make lots of creepy and horribly-scary looking snacks and foods. It’s all fun to make and they get to eat all “the experiments”. It’s another win-win.

We started off by making these severed finger biscuits with the eggless Shrewsbury biscuit recipe. You could also use this butter cookie dough. The latter dough is a little denser and the shape of the fingers will remain more as you made them. With the Shrewsbury biscuit dough, we had to make the fingers really thin because they flatten out much more. We still liked the end result though. They are creepy and scary-looking, just like they should be.

My three girls helped me make these and they were easy and fun activity for us all. The “blood” doesn’t have to be neat and pretty so even my 4-year old could easily do them just like the rest of us. They don’t take very long to make and they don’t require any special equipment (apart from the oven of course). Make sure to use a new brush or one used only for baking. TIP: We keep a few brushes with our baking equipment to make sure they don’t get mixed up with painting brushes.

I used the Magic red gel colour for these. The colour is really dark so you only need a few drops every time, and even when watered down -like we did to make it an easier texture for painting- it was shiny red and not anywhere near pink. The gel colours are generally a bit more costly than ordinary food colours but they also last a lot longer so they are definitely worth it.

We always boil the almonds in the microwave in a little water for 2 minutes to be able to remove the skin easily. The skin slides right off with a firm squeeze at one end of the almond. You can also soak them overnight or boil on the gas.

We got about 25 finger biscuits with the Shrewsbury biscuit dough.

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Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius

Step 1
Severed Finger Biscuits Halloween Cookies

Start by getting the almonds ready by removing the skin. Boil the almonds with a little water for a few minutes in the microwave. Add a little cold water and squeeze the almonds at one end. The skin will slide off easily. Alternatively you can also soak them overnight or boil them on the stove.

Step 2
Severed Finger Biscuits Halloween Cookies

Add a few drops of food gel colour to a small bowl. Add half a spoon of water and mix well to get a dark red liquid.

Step 3
Severed Finger Biscuits Halloween Cookies

Make a long rectangular shape with the dough -a little thinner than a real finger. Make sure one end is smooth (where the finger has been cut off) and the other end a little smaller.

Step 4
Severed Finger Biscuits Halloween Cookies

Paint red at the smaller end of the finger. Underneath the part where the "nail" goes.

Step 5
Severed Finger Biscuits Halloween Cookies

Add an almond on top as the nail

Step 6
Severed Finger Biscuits Halloween Cookies

Paint red at the other end

Step 7
Severed Finger Biscuits Halloween Cookies

Make three cuts into the finger underneath the nail and near the base of the severed finger.

Step 8
Severed Finger Biscuits Halloween Cookies

Keep all the fingers on a baking sheet. You can also make some smaller and some bigger a not all fingers are the same. Bake for 10-12 in the middle of the preheated oven.

Step 9
Severed Finger Biscuits Halloween Cookies

Make sure they are fully cooled before you try to move them. Store in a airtight container for up to 10 days. Serve for Halloween on top of a cupcake, as cake decoration or on it's own. They are spookily good. Happy Halloween.

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