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What is a party without games, right? Kids expect them and it’s always better to be prepared. I always try to change the games a little to fit into the theme of the party. Take an old classic like “pin the tail on the donkey” and give it a Moana twist and suddenly it’s “pin the heart of TeFiti on Moana”. It’s like a whole new game got invented.

See my ideas for Moana themed food and decorations for a DIY Moana party too.

Activity no 1: Seashell Treasure Hunt

A game invented by us (we think at least!)

Colour the insides of 60 seashells with blue, yellow, red and green (15 of each colour) and add a number 1 to 15 to each shell so you have one of each number. Spread the shells around the hall/garden/pool or wherever you are having the party. We had already decorated the place with lots of seashells both to suit the Moana theme but also to make it harder to find the coloured ones later.

Divide the kids into 4 teams (blue, yellow, red and green team) and let the treasure hunt begin. When a seashell is found in the correct colour by the correct team it has to be placed on the heart of TeFiti printout in the same colour. If a team finds a seashell in the opposing team colours, they are to leave it there and wait for the correct team to find it. The team to finish first wins.

All the kids seemed to enjoy this game and it took surprisingly long for them to find them all which made it more fun for everyone. You could also set a time limit for the game and the team with the most shells at the end, wins.

Print your own Moana Seashell Game here for FREE.

Activity no 2: Pin the heart of TeFiti on Moana.

I tried to make it as easy as possible by printing a big Moana on 250gsm paper and also printing small Hearts of TeFiti on transparent sticker paper. That way I didn’t have to cut every single one out by hand and we didn’t need to have a soft board behind (as we would have needed if we used pins)

Download your own Pin the Heart of TeFiti on Moana for FREE

Activity no 3: Moana’s Shell Necklace Kit

We made a box for each child containing wooden beads, seashell with drilled holes (drill from the backside on a piece of wood, then the seashell doesn’t crack), special beads, some white “pearl” beads, leather string and small coloured beads. These boxes were meant as entertainment in case the kids got bored during the party and they doubled as a return present. I had kept extra beads and elastic plastic string on the side for all the kids to use.

Hope you have lots of fun at your Moana themed party!

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