Green Monster Bars for Halloween

scary green monster bars for halloween
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Green Monster Bars! Easy to make and perfect for a less-scary Halloween… oh and of course, so so yummy to eat. They also have the advantage that you can make them a week before the party and keep them ready in the fridge 🙂

Green Monster Bars for Halloween

I have made the base using my granola bar recipe -without adding the dark chocolate on top. I baked the granola bars, cut the bars when they were warm and let them cool down completely before proceeding to cover them with green-coloured melted white chocolate. The bars might fall apart if you don’t let them cool properly and all your hard work will become a big green mess – a tasty mess for sure but still not what you want.

I used Magic Colours Garden Green gel colour. The gel colour will give you the proper green colour with just a few drops and is usually easier to use than normal food colour. I have also experienced the white chocolate splitting and becoming chunky and hard when adding normal food colour -though not with all colours or brands. But to be on the safe side, I stick with gel colour these days.

scary monster bars for halloween

How to melt the chocolate -the easy way!

The easiest way to melt the white chocolate without a thermometer is to heat it in the microwave for a few minutes on defrost setting. Remove it from the microwave and mix with a spoon until it turns shiny. That means you have tempered the chocolate correctly and it will set at room temperature. Add the green colour and mix again. Alternatively you can melt the chocolate in a double boiler. This takes longer but you have more control over the heat. Just make sure that the water doesn’t splash into the chocolate.

Set the energy bars on an oven rack with a sheet of baking paper underneath to catch all the excess chocolate. I used these small chocolate mounts as decoration afterwards so they didn’t go to waste (well, at least the ones I managed to save before three pairs of little hands took them all!)

scary monster bars for halloween

Add eyes to finish off the Green Monster Bars

You can make the eyes out of black and white fondant or you can cheat a little (like me) and buy these edible eyes from Wow Confetti. They are surprisingly tasty and not too hard to eat. I bought them on They seem quite costly but there are a lot in a jar so am sure we will have enough eyes for many projects this year. We have also used them for our mummy cookies and popcorn ghosts.

You will need about 15-20gr of chocolate for each green monster bar

See my 5 easy snack ideas for a spooky Halloween in the video above. 

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You can also make these spooky severed finger biscuits for Halloween. Very easy to make and lots of fun too. See how to here.


    scary green monster bars for halloween

    Melt the white chocolate and mix a few drops of green gel colour.

    scary green monster bars for halloween

    Set up the energy bars on an oven rack with baking paper underneath.

    scary green monster bars for halloween

    Pour the green chocolate over the bars. Use a knife to make sure the entire bar is covered. Don't worry if it isn't very neat. The monsters don't have to have to be perfectly smooth.

    scary green monster bars for halloween

    Stick the eyes on them anywhere you want. Some can have one eye and some three. Why not?

    scary green monster bars for halloween

    Let the chocolate dry completely before storing in the fridge for up to a week. Happy Halloween.

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