Diy Cement Tea Light Holder

  • Prep Time
    20-25 min
  • Total Time
    24 hours
  • Total Views

Tealight holder made from a balloon, white cement and acrylic paint. Really easy and quick to make, really pretty and unique = the perfect present for grandparents. Or make them as diyas this Diwali. 

My daughter was 8 when she made these ones for my mom, and even she was surprised how easy it was to make. They turned out so well that I simply had to share it here.

I buy the white cement in a small packet from the local hardware store. You can also get it in craft stores like itsy bitsy.

We used gold colour acrylic paint for the inside but you can use any colour that suits your mood or décor. Shiny colours will work best though to reflect the light of the tea candle on a dark evening.

You can either make a pair of equal sized holders or 2-3 different sizes. It’s up to you. I recommend making a spare one just in case it cracks or gets dropped while painting -which is exactly what happened in my house!

The total time includes drying of the white cement.



Step 1

Start by blowing up the balloons to about the size of your fist. This is when you choose the size of your tealight holder. In a seperate bowl mix some white cement powder with a little water. Add a little water at a time and keep mixing until the mixture is smooth, not too dry and not runny. You will know when you reach this stage. The bowl and spoon don’t have to be disposable ones. You will be able to clean off any leftover cement if you soak them in water immediately after use. I just use a kitchen bowl and a kitchen spoon for this purpose.

Step 2

Add the cement mixture to the lower half of the balloon. You can either rest it in a glass or hold it while doing this.

Step 3

When evenly coated, hang them to dry using the clothes clips. It’s best if they hang in free air so they don’t get any marks from the wall or table. Leave to dry completely. It takes about 24 hours.

Step 4

When completely dry, cut the tip of the balloons off. The balloons will shrink and the cement will remain. Remove the balloons.

Step 5

Paint the insides of the tea light holder with gold coloured paint or any colour you prefer. Shiny colours will work best to reflect the light of the tea candle on a dark evening.

Step 6

Leave the paint to dry and the tea lights/ diyas are done. Super simple and very pretty decoration for the house. I hope you enjoyed this post. Please let me know how you got on and if you made anything differently. I always enjoy getting valuable feedback. Happy Crafting!

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