Spooky Chocolate Eye Balls for Halloween

Spooky chocolate eyeballs for Halloween
  • Prep Time
    20 minutes

Halloween is nearly here. The pumpkins have been carved, the house is decorated and the costumes are ready. There is just about time for one last Halloween-related post before it all kicks off -and hopefully time for you to make these spooky chocolate eye balls too. They are wonderful as cupcake decoration, perfect as homemade trick and treat candy to give away or as part of a cake or cakesicle.

Wonderfully spooki-licious chocolate eye balls that won’t take very long to make.

Creepy Chocolate eyes for Halloween7

How to make chocolate eye balls for Halloween

You will need these ingredients to make chocolate eye balls:

White chocolate. Make sure you buy a good brand of white chocolate or white compound. It should be easy to melt and the taste should be good too. I use the Van Leer White Compound.

Gel colours. You will need a few colours to make these eye balls. I always use the Magic Colours. I have used magic red, garden green, radiant violet and sky blue here. TIP: You can buy a mixed box of colours for much less than if you are buying them individually.

Dark Chocolate. This is just for the pupil so if you don’t have any at home, you can also use white chocolate with a dark gel colour for the pupil.

Spooky chocolate eye balls for Halloween
Cupcakes with eyeballs and blood decorations

Chocolate sphere mould. Any chocolate sphere mould will do. I am using this one.

Piping bags are essential for these chocolate eye balls. I have tried with a spoon as well but it doesn’t become quite as neat.

Paint brush. Use a thin paint brush that you have never used for actual paint to paint on the red lines. I keep a bunch of brushes for food only

Thin cloth. You will need a small clean cloth to wipe off the glossiness on the eye balls before you paint on them. Otherwise the red gel colour will not stick.

See the full step-by-step guide below the ingredients box.

Spooky Halloween Cakesicles
You can use the chocolate eyeballs for cakesicles too

How to temper the chocolate for the chocolate eye balls

Tempering chocolate doesn’t have to be as difficult as you think. I always use the microwave (mostly because I am too impatient) but using a double-boiler works just as well.

  1. I melt the chocolate in a ceramic bowl for 2 minutes on defrost setting. Don’t let it melt completely.
  2. Remove it from the microwave and add a small piece of hard chocolate to the bowl. This helps to cool the melted chocolate faster. Mix it all well together until there are no more lumps.
  3. Keep mixing for another minute or two and voila! the chocolate has been tempered.
  4. Add colour if needed. Be careful to add too much colour to chocolate as it will harden.
  5. Let it set at room temperature or speed things up by putting it into the fridge for 10 minutes

Spooky chocolate eye balls for Halloween

I have lots of other easy Halloween ideas on this page:



    Spooky chocolate eyeballs for Halloween

    Get all the ingredients ready. Melt the dark chocolate

    Spooky chocolate eyeballs for Halloween

    Pipe small pupils into the tray. Let it set for 5 min in the fridge

    Spooky chocolate eyeballs for Halloween

    Melt the white chocolate, add a little blue colour and pipe around the pupil. Let it set for 5min in the fridge

    Spooky chocolate eyeballs for Halloween

    Fill up with melted white chocolate and let that set

    Spooky chocolate eyeballs for Halloween

    Remove the eyeballs from the mould

    Spooky chocolate eyeballs for Halloween

    Wipe the eyeballs with a cloth to remove the glossiness and then paint the "blood" with a thin brush and red gel colour

    Spooky chocolate eyeballs for Halloween

    I covered the wooden cutting board with cling film first so the red colour wouldn't damage the board

    Spooky chocolate eyeballs for Halloween

    Make the other half of the sphere too (if you are using them for cake decoration or as trick and treat candy)

    Spooky chocolate eyeballs for Halloween

    Touch the half sphere to the hot plate and let it melt slightly so the two halves stick together

    Spooky chocolate eyeballs for Halloween

    And the chocolate eyeballs are ready. Hope you enjoyed this little idea. Happy Halloween.

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