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simple easy butter icing recipe
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Transform your muffins into cupcakes with this easy recipe for butter icing.

To make the butter soft, leave out at room temperature for half an hour. If you are in hurry (or have forgotten to take it out in time, like me!), pop it into the microwave for about 30 sec-1 minute on defrost setting. Remember, the butter should be soft, not melted.

The icing sugar can sometimes be a little lumpy depending on the brand (in Goa at least!). It’s best to strain the sugar or smash the lumps before making the butter icing as all the lumps won’t disappear with the mixing. You will later regret not doing this when the lumps block the piping and the icing doesn’t come out the right way. Trust me on this one. I have been in a sticky situation before re-making the icing as guests started to come through the doors. Not fun at all.

I use the drop flower icing tip. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require special skills to make the cupcakes look amazing. I use the single-use piping bag in this post. The reusable cloth ones are great too and usually also bigger (and better for the environment of course)

Try this butter icing on my double chocolate muffins or my banana muffins

Yield. Makes butter icing for 20 medium sized cupcakes.




    Step 1
    simple easy butter icing recipe

    Add the soft butter, icing sugar and vanilla essence to a bowl and mix well. If it’s a little dry and doesn’t mix well, add the tablespoon of milk. This is not always needed. You can either mix by hand with a whisk or use a hand mixer until even. Add the colour too if you want it coloured.

    Step 2
    simple easy butter icing recipe

    Prepare the piping bag by cutting off a small triangle at the tip and put the piping tip inside the bag. Fold the bag over a tall glass like shown below to make it easier to add the butter icing to the bag.

    Step 3
    simple easy butter icing recipe

    Add the butter icing to the piping bag in the glass. It’s okay if it’s piled above the rim of the glass as you will fold it up later

    Step 4
    simple easy butter icing recipe

    Fold the piping bag up around the butter icing and start piping. The drop icing flower tip makes it easy to just swirl. Start from the outside and move inwards until your cupcake is iced.

    Step 5
    simple easy butter icing recipe

    Decorate with sprinkles and you are done :-)

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